Alaska – land of the snow, sea and salmon! Seward is a small town-village at the coast, surrounded with Kenai Fjords National Park, Resurrection Bay and Prince William Sound. The scenery on Alaskan waters is spectacular and it offers great opportunities to passionate fishermen. Its untouched beauty is still great motivation for all those people who want to enjoy in unpolluted air, stunning nature and clean waters.

  1. Crackerjack Sportfishing Charters

They have been on the market for many years and they offer Seward, Alaska fishing charters for Salmon, Halibut and Lingcod. Crackerjack Sportfishing Charters have well equipped boats that are top-notch and specially designed for salty waters. Their equipment is the finest for fishing Salmon and Halibut.  Your guides on your fishing adventure will be Captains Andy Mezirow and Nik Rant with their team, they have more than 15 years of fishing experience and they are the right guys to take you to right place. Their services include from full/half day of Salmon/Halibut fishing to Long range fishing trips into remote Alaska wilderness.

  1. The Fish House

Fish-HouseIt is founded by the Clements family in 1974. In its possession has 40 vessels ready to charter.  The Fish House has developed great strategy in suppling local marines, RV, can supply with tackle, ammo, clothing and has great gift shop. Captain Mark, the owner of the Fish House, has more than 15 years of experience and understand rough Alaskan waters and beauty. They are very concerned about safety of their equipment, so they double check everything. Their equipment is always fresh at start of every season and that makes them different from another companies, their captains praise to be the one who first begin the season. They offer charters for Salmon, Halibut and combo fishing.

  1. King Salmon Charter

Their specialty is in catching King Salmons and Silvers. They have one boat called “Florette C” it’s a 53” vessel, well equipped and with spacious accommodation for up to six passengers. The Captain of the boat is Dianne M. Dubuc, she is lifelong Alaskan and licensed USCG master. Their safety equipment goes beyond standards, the vessel is exceptionally clean, it has full bathroom and laundry facilities. Fish that are caught are immediately bled and put into the ice to preserve quality and freshness. Alaska Salmon thrive in one of the cleanest waters on Earth.

4. Aurora Charters

They give fishing charters for Halibut, Salmon, Rockfish and Iingcod. They have three boats in their fleet that can provide accommodation. With the help of experts, you will get to the every hot spot to catch the fish. If you are into fishing that much, they have great tours for sightseeing Kenai Fjords National Park glacier and the tours where you can experience wildlife. You will have unique opportunity to see wales, eagles, seals and much more unexpected.

Best months for fishing are July and August and you can find affordable price range for every pocket and enjoy in beautiful nature and clean air.